Threat To Society

from by Savior Monroe

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Inspired by the movie Beasts of no Nation


They say start at a young age/
Making enemies the mark at the gun range/
Only thing I see is darkness, the sun's faint/
Cus all I ever hear is murder, Murder! kill, Kill!/
A soldier by age 9/
He can be a weapon now, never waist time/
If you do it for a soldier it ain't crime/
Only thing I see is murder, Murder/ kill, Kill/

Verse 1
I live in a village in South Africa
where the other African tribes attacking us/
reason I don't know cus we ain't got no dough, our whole life been broke/ they still coming to attack my bro/ my whole family was slaughtered, with other mothers and daughters/ it doesn't matter the age, they gonna murder regardless/ they killing with little honor I'm thinking is this the karma/ that is brought upon us pardon the bullet chipping our armor/ we never had a proper defense cus we the weak men/ getting thrashed by the animals and they will eat men/ every soldier coming like a monster to conquer, that's how I see em'/ who woulda thought in the future I'd be em'/ running through the city and the forest alone/ barely escaped the pillage that they ordered at home/ the opposing tribe caught me with a leader named Koffi/ instead of killing me on the sight, the leader taught me/ at the age 9 I could load up and break down/ any fire arm and even kill em' with the shank now/ only thing he practice with me is accuracy/ I aim immaculately when attacking the beast/ and happen to be, commander Koffi's eyes and ears/ and I report to em' when the other tribes in fear/ if you strike from the front I can strike the rear/ and we can set an ambush if a tribe is near/


Verse 2
I live in a city middle of middle east/
been ready for war since he was 6 at least/
cus they come with weapons and bomb our shelter/ I never knew why the army coming to test us/ but they prepare us for any violent act to act/ long range fire arm or the hack and slash/ peddle on American or the gat'll blast/ but it is nothing we can do about the aftermath/ whole family is under the rubble and we in trouble/ and for every single soldier we gather, they coming double/ automatic weapons turning our cypher into a huddle/ of dead bodies the shotti is probably poppin our mother/ blood spillin' killin' women and children to win it/ some over money and mostly over religion/ it is deeper than the slums of America the terror tough/ that is why by the age of 9 they preparing us/ knowing how to load a gun, shoot it and create a bomb/ but we never great enough to infiltrate the Pentagon/ hate us cus our paper long and because you hate Islam/ so we turn soldier cus our family and babies gone/ but we keep our babies strong, outfitted with fire arms/ mighty long, fire arm larger than my fire arm/ grew up in the slums smoking opium try to calm/ down as we kill any soldier that our sight is on/



from Lost Innocence, released May 26, 2017
Prod. by Don Bo



all rights reserved


Camp Phire Connection Detroit, Michigan

Camp Phire Connection is a group hailing from Detroit Mi. They specialize in raw lyricism mixed with meaningful content. The members consist of Savior Monroe, Kyo, MoMo, Suave the Gentleman and International Scenario.

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