I Got Nothing Left

from by Savior Monroe

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When everything up in this world can tear you down, man this world can wear you out and so I shout (feel like I got nothing left)

Taking everything that is within' me not to snap, granny telling me chill relax I'm grabbin the strap (feel like I got nothing left)

All I ever seen in this world was violent stress. People who high about to have sex, so tell me what's next (feel like I got nothing left)

When everything up in this world can tear you down, man this world can wear you out and so I shout (feel like I got nothing left)

Verse 1

I'm living with granny now, next to an abandoned house/ you seeing the product of innocent youth I'm a motherless, manless child/ you see me in school it is only because my my granny demand it now/ but when I'm in school you know that I got just a few things that I'm handing out/ a little bit of weed, a little bit of x, or you can get xans or percs or pow/ and when I'm in a need, I get it from connect/ he show me the life and I plan it out/ never I think I would go this route, but really it seem Ima force it how/ by being a nigga who's really as reckless as any younger or older child/ just gimmie a reason to live any different and nigga I'll really consider it/ but anything in this world that is positive seems like its really considered mysterious/ when I was young I wanted to be an astronaut or work for Nasa not/ be on the block and trying to sell this hash and rocks/ dont ask for cops, cause when my mother had died, they kept riding pass the block/ I'm barely 12 and hearing the shells, I'm sick and my mother was passing out/ so what the fuck you think that did to me, a terrible scene to see/ and if I ever see king I'm giving him heat, remember me/


Verse 2
Tell me one reason I get high just to get by/
In my world its like fuck the world, I on't fuck with girls, tell a bitch bye/ unless she sucking my dick right, and she letting me hit right/ if I'm picking her up and then she don't fuck I'm making her hitch hike/ they call me a savage, no fucking wit spade I'm a total package/ I'm selling and doing my drugs and I'm fucking these hoes and I'm bringing the baggage/ and plus my nigga he bringing me weapons like I got a personal blacksmith/ but never would buss the gun, the sight of em' making me think I am tragic/ my granny knew that I could be saved despite the way I was raised/ so now I'm thinking bout getting a job, I'm ditching the way I was paid/ she introduced me to the Lord, and now I'm thinking I'm saved/ and I'm becoming less of a savage every day I would age/ so what is the next step, I'm feeling like I could just die on my next breath/ I'm going to church and I'm hearing the word and I'm wondering when Ima face death/ shit ain't working, my granny can tell I'm a different person/ And Ima have nightmares, whenever those fucking visions surface/



from Lost Innocence, released May 26, 2017
Prod. by Anno Domini



all rights reserved


Camp Phire Connection Detroit, Michigan

Camp Phire Connection is a group hailing from Detroit Mi. They specialize in raw lyricism mixed with meaningful content. The members consist of Savior Monroe, Kyo, MoMo, Suave the Gentleman and International Scenario.

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