Hatred & Passion

from by Savior Monroe

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Verse 1
Her nick name Julie, living on the other side of 8 mile/ been around blacks ever since she was a great child/ hate how she was still stereotyped/ as being soft, in her head she was barely white/ so deadly she might cut a bitch simply for fucking wit/ anything of hers, especially who her husband is/ big tall black son of a bitch/ every time he on the east, he would come with this chick/ she loving his grip, loving his hands, loving his lips/ but you know that most of all she was loving his dick/ all her white friends loved him and really wanted to fuck him/ but they knew Julie would kill em' even if they tried to touch him/ he was a dealer, the perfect one to hook her up/ with anyway uncontrollable substance that he was cooking up/ he got her high in more ways than one/ and she the only chick the nigga had a baby from/ ain't no


Hatred, Passion, never know the outcome/
But you can't live with em' or without one/
In a world where they list the youth a vicious crew/ it only ends up leading to/ some more
Hatred, Passion, never know the outcome/
But you can't live with em' or without one/
too much passion can lead to hated/ if it ain't no love as a means to save it/ just

Verse 2
Shorty, living on the ghetto side of 7 mile/ westside, everybody know that over there its wild/ hate it how she was still stereotyped/ as being a hoe, but in her head she barely the type/ in her world, casual sex was casual sex/ but exposing her little man was the actual threat/ even tho she had one nigga that she really cared for/ straight up out the joint, luckily he ain't on death row/ yes hoe, made sure that she gave him the best throat/ neck slow, fine motherfucka with the best stroke/ let's go, to the next level she would ask him/ he would keep spinning her but giving her the passion/ it ain't ever lasting but that was her goal/ but to him, shorty just another fantasy hoe/ she was getting pissed off from her lack of control/ only saw her on the days when the traffic was slow/ but no


Verse 3
Danny, grew up on the roughest side of Detroit/ westside, eastside, selling outta Eastpointe/ did time, something that the nigga never speak about/ best way to mind your business is to keep em' out/ had a baby mami on the eastside, Julie-etah and every now and then she gripped the sweet ride/ went to the west in the BM, the side chick peeped the ride but she didn't see him/ so she followed, the whole time loading up the hollows/ Julie like this car follow me where ever I go/ so she pulled over to confront the chick/ Shory like you know Danny cus I sucked his dick/ they start scrapping, shortly after that they start clapping/ whole time Danny on the east, boys bagging/ by the time Danny knew what was going on/ it was holes in his car next to his baby mom/ like

Hook 2x


from Lost Innocence, released May 26, 2017
Prod. by Screwaholic



all rights reserved


Camp Phire Connection Detroit, Michigan

Camp Phire Connection is a group hailing from Detroit Mi. They specialize in raw lyricism mixed with meaningful content. The members consist of Savior Monroe, Kyo, MoMo, Suave the Gentleman and International Scenario.

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