Game Face

from by Savior Monroe

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Verse 1
My man Jack, he a Ace in his eye/
didn't go to the club, content with staying inside/
didn't rock diamonds on his chain or ring/
but tryna get a girls heart was his major thing/
he had plenty girls, but you know his main was Queen/
wasn't quick to spread legs, didn't bang with speed/
this is why Jack used to hold Queen so close/
since he was 21 he knew that she would mean the most/
to him in the future, he wrote her name in books/
2, 3 or 4 girls saw her name and booked/
5, 6 or 7 girls woulda came but bet/
they wanna catch the Queen reneging, they'll claim her set/
8, 9, or 10 girls had Jack in the past/
they miss holding his hand, he miss grabbing that ass/
but Queen had a body like no other braud/
so good that Jack through away his houre card/ like...

Hook 2x

When you playing the game you gotta know the rules/
Without a strong pimp hand you are sure to lose/
If you play your cards right you can take away/
any play, but you know you gotta keep a game face/

Verse 2
Now Queen was a true classy chick/
fuck a 10, she beyond that with ass and tits/ but if you include the face and the sassiness/ you might throw your hoes hand just to have this chick/ but the only big problem with Queen/ is that she goes to the club a lot just so she can party with King/
the big baller type dude with the diamonds on his chest/ spent time in solitary, now he back out in the flesh/ it was something about him that made the girls touch/
his joker type attitude made the girls blush/
he had the typa game face that made the girls hush/ like a sense of royalty, he would poke her, all lust/ he was like a psychic, he could call a girls bluff/ plus he had a strong hand, six pack and all buff/ all black and red wearing, no crip a pro blood/ if Jack knew what Queen was doing he'd go nuts/

Hook 2x

Verse 3
Queen had the best game face of all/
if she didn't win, wouldn't play the game wit yall/ kept a 4+5 and a 5th in her purse/
If she got your number nigga she would hit where it hurts/ she a tough chick, lived just to settle the score/ her son spade was the only man she settling for/ Jack was her main man but he wasn't the only/ she kept a Ace at the club to touch and fuck when she lonely/ Queen really didn't care if Jack and King went to war/ it's plenty gold fish in the sea and the shore/ she kept plenty men to shuffle but wouldn't cut/ but shortly after that, she loving a lil fuck/ one day Queen decides to slide to the club/ just to holla at King, buy some wine and get grub/ when she got to the club, she saw Jack in her seat/ only nigga that was dumb enough to battle the King/ I mean...

Hook 2x

Bridge 2x
You a Jack of all trades, keep a game face/
All my Queens in the place keep a game face/
All the Kings with the weight keep a game face/
Everybody getting paid, keep a game face/


from Lost Innocence, released May 26, 2017
Prod. by Screwaholic



all rights reserved


Camp Phire Connection Detroit, Michigan

Camp Phire Connection is a group hailing from Detroit Mi. They specialize in raw lyricism mixed with meaningful content. The members consist of Savior Monroe, Kyo, MoMo, Suave the Gentleman and International Scenario.

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