A Woman's Abyss

from by Savior Monroe

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Woman's Abyss, it is deeper than a dark hole/
Pull up fast for the ass, making you park slow/
And they rolling wit it whenever the car roll/
Packing more ass than the cargo they call hoe/
And we ain't never thinking bout the feelings/
And when you in the pussy are you sinking or you swimming/
They loving the emotion we fall in love with the vision/
Replacing infatuation over love for the women/ listen

Verse 1
Im not a good guy, I've never been one/
with all the women I've had, I've never been dumb/
Most women that I have been with regret it/ but most women rather get battered than live sexless/ saw the souls of women leave after I hopped on/ even tho they body was hot after they top gone/ even tho it feels fire on the inside/ after that slick ride you seem to know they dying in the end God/ keep em' alive wit the views on they Snapchat/ trying to escape like a noose on a lab rat/ sorry thing is all the dudes that'll wax that/ even tho I'm smart I'm included in that trap/ at my most primitive when I'm in a chick/ feel the energy from her lips to her fingertips/ same place that a women wanna embellish/ exact same place where the man and woman develop/ if we really was royalty we would wanna protect it/ but a leader will cordially want a woman to sex wit/ we seeming disorderly when a woman is naked/ but a nigga will surely take a moment to bless it/ yes a, pussy more appealing than women and feelings/ but if its good enough, get the men in they feelings/ and the way women promote it like a wicked addiction/ and no matter what they say, ain't no better feeling when in it/ it's the


Verse 2
Only time I pay attention to a shorty eyes/
is if I'm grippin on the thighs as the shorty ride/ and what she seeing as she look into my eyes/ a gentleman who's hidden by a crook up in disguise/ I look up in the sky thinking woman isn't God/ and half the time woman only lonely cus of pride/ every lady I know got plenty of options/ instead of being honored they conceited and pompous/ and half the niggas I know, they treat em' as objects/ and women use em' til they have depleted they pockets/ in a vicious cycle where the sex is the medium/ we living in a world where they texting and meeting em'/ you don't really know the power of the moist/ send a couple nudes, and you prolly made a choice/ letting sex speak like vagina got a voice/ ass hold a conversation and yo body making noise/ but we don't focus on a higher vibration/ the physical experience that eye to eye making/ the trivial defenses that is right in our faces/ but men would rather focus on em' riding our faces/ the sweat drips when she gripping those sheets/ she only thinking bout the dick in those jeans/ I'm only thinking bout unzipping those things/ but how we gon' fuck when our spirits don't meet/ it's the



from Lost Innocence, released May 26, 2017
Prod. by Screwaholic



all rights reserved


Camp Phire Connection Detroit, Michigan

Camp Phire Connection is a group hailing from Detroit Mi. They specialize in raw lyricism mixed with meaningful content. The members consist of Savior Monroe, Kyo, MoMo, Suave the Gentleman and International Scenario.

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