Lost Innocence

by Savior Monroe

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Peace to all the families that have lost any children in this cycle of madness. My anger and concern comes out through the music. We must take care of our future.


released May 26, 2017

1. Prod. by Sinema
2. Prod. by Don Bo
3. Prod. by KY da Homie
4. Prod. by Kisai the Spooniest Bard
5. Prod. by Screwaholic
6. Prod. by Screwaholic
7. Prod. by Screwaholic
8. Prod. by Screwaholic
9. Prod. by ?
10. Prod. by Anno Domini
11. Prod. by Screwaholic
12. Prod. by Anno Domini & Don P

Mixed and Mastered by Savior Monroe



all rights reserved


Camp Phire Connection Detroit, Michigan

Camp Phire Connection is a group hailing from Detroit Mi. They specialize in raw lyricism mixed with meaningful content. The members consist of Savior Monroe, Kyo, MoMo, Suave the Gentleman and International Scenario.

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Track Name: The Awakening
Can't wait til I grow up
So I can just show up
No longer alone but
Ima own up
To all of my own stuff
Until I am home but 4x

I crash, I fail, I bleed, oh well 4x

The awakening, separated from the greatest things, living longer and I hate the dream/
But you know that I create the dream
Its a never ending cycle til I break the seams/
And so.... 2x

Cant wait til im big now
No longer a kid now
So everything fixed now
Never sit down
I'm crossing that bridge now
And look what I did how 4x

I crash, I fail, I bleed, oh well 4x

The awakening, separated from the greatest things, living longer and I hate the dream/
But you know that I create the dream
Its a never ending cycle til I break the seams/
And so.... 2x
Track Name: Threat To Society
They say start at a young age/
Making enemies the mark at the gun range/
Only thing I see is darkness, the sun's faint/
Cus all I ever hear is murder, Murder! kill, Kill!/
A soldier by age 9/
He can be a weapon now, never waist time/
If you do it for a soldier it ain't crime/
Only thing I see is murder, Murder/ kill, Kill/

Verse 1
I live in a village in South Africa
where the other African tribes attacking us/
reason I don't know cus we ain't got no dough, our whole life been broke/ they still coming to attack my bro/ my whole family was slaughtered, with other mothers and daughters/ it doesn't matter the age, they gonna murder regardless/ they killing with little honor I'm thinking is this the karma/ that is brought upon us pardon the bullet chipping our armor/ we never had a proper defense cus we the weak men/ getting thrashed by the animals and they will eat men/ every soldier coming like a monster to conquer, that's how I see em'/ who woulda thought in the future I'd be em'/ running through the city and the forest alone/ barely escaped the pillage that they ordered at home/ the opposing tribe caught me with a leader named Koffi/ instead of killing me on the sight, the leader taught me/ at the age 9 I could load up and break down/ any fire arm and even kill em' with the shank now/ only thing he practice with me is accuracy/ I aim immaculately when attacking the beast/ and happen to be, commander Koffi's eyes and ears/ and I report to em' when the other tribes in fear/ if you strike from the front I can strike the rear/ and we can set an ambush if a tribe is near/


Verse 2
I live in a city middle of middle east/
been ready for war since he was 6 at least/
cus they come with weapons and bomb our shelter/ I never knew why the army coming to test us/ but they prepare us for any violent act to act/ long range fire arm or the hack and slash/ peddle on American or the gat'll blast/ but it is nothing we can do about the aftermath/ whole family is under the rubble and we in trouble/ and for every single soldier we gather, they coming double/ automatic weapons turning our cypher into a huddle/ of dead bodies the shotti is probably poppin our mother/ blood spillin' killin' women and children to win it/ some over money and mostly over religion/ it is deeper than the slums of America the terror tough/ that is why by the age of 9 they preparing us/ knowing how to load a gun, shoot it and create a bomb/ but we never great enough to infiltrate the Pentagon/ hate us cus our paper long and because you hate Islam/ so we turn soldier cus our family and babies gone/ but we keep our babies strong, outfitted with fire arms/ mighty long, fire arm larger than my fire arm/ grew up in the slums smoking opium try to calm/ down as we kill any soldier that our sight is on/

Track Name: No Supervision
Verse 1
Lil' boy all alone at home/
either playing video games or on his phone/ only 8 years old in a lonely zone/ mom gone so much he was on his own/ he was raised by the ps3 and dvds/ no cartoons coming on the tv screen/ with no censorship, or parents in his mix/ he would stumble upon flicks of chicks wit tits/ and fat asses, naked as they grib some ?/ every chance he would get he would sit to this/ became second nature wasn't sick to kids/ fuck a xbox, need a place to stick his dick/ wit his mom never home, know the child had to roam/ started off with his neighbor giving mouth and some dome/ then it led to the sex, on the couch or the foam mattress/ little sister heard the sounds of the moans/ which led her to wonder, what the problem was/ came down stairs little boy about to buss/ lil' sis saw the neighbor and the bro getting in/ so you know the little girl lost her own innocence/ not the only thing she lost, virginity by 2 men/ easy access due to lack of supervision/ only ones she called daddy was a few men/ last time she saw her daddy she was 2 then/ and her momma selling pussy to some cool friends/ only home to pay rent and make some food then/ she back out selling pussy night and day time/ but her kids getting fucked like at the same time/ fast forward girl 12 and she pregnant/ young man bout to have a baby with his best friend/ mom ain't home ain't seen her in a minute/ then they got a letter asking them to see her in the prison/ now the boy 14 man of the house/ taking care of 2 kids, little sister ran out/ living with a man probably triple her age/ boy kicked out just because the rent isn't paid/ this is kids having kids and no one can afford it/ but I guess it ain't as bad as getting em' aborted/
Track Name: Look At Me (Views)
Verse 1
The whole world knows how ya daughter move her ass to the fast songs/ 30 second clips of videos didn't last long/ but you know its just enough to see if shorty ass strong/ digital hoes that you ain't gotta spend no cash on/ she find the littlest clothes to make her ass clap/ and she know the perfect angles that'll make her ass fat/ optical illusion the seclusion of a lab rat/ making her wanna escape, attention it's a bad hab/ it ain't that bad til you figure her age/ dismissing her age as soon as niggas click on her page/ her titties displayed in every single pic of her face/ this chick is a mage the way she move her hips and her waist/ she doing numbers, a bad day she getting 6k/ and her inbox got so many dicks it's a shame/ had to be creative when the kid was picking a name/ Sally Peterson, but on the net this chick is Lorraine/

Tell me how many views can she get today/
136k on her insta page/
Keep loading up videos back to back/
146k when she snap and chat/
Damn near 100k when she going live/
Cus she feeding her ego when she expose her prize/
So how many views can she get today/
Tell me how many views can she get today/

Verse 2
Her parents took a lotta trips outta town/
their little princess was a kid with the crown/ but by 16 she was sipping the crown/ but as far as sex, ain't nobody dickin' her down/ in real life, but on the net Sally was fucking/ but when she met a man, she tease, acting and buzzing/ almost got raped twice, niggas acting fake nice/ but they lose cool when they see they couldn't lay pipe/ when she got a new fit, she would snap that/ when she got her hair done she would snap that/ got her first car, snap, shoes, purse, shirt, snap/ after so long her whole life was a snap chat/ if it didn't get views she would take it down/ cause she wanted to create illusions of famous now/ internet model who would dance half naked/ and she wouldn't follow if your Instagram half stepping/


Verse 3
So what's the next step when the kid is moving forward/ only thing that she can think is get some money for it/ now she doing videos when she strip tease/ every month her debit card making up to 6 Gs/ So the old men who are perverted they are splurging/ they loving how she working plus the merchant was a vergin/ but the innocent Sally she mudering that version/ And quick to curse you out if misinterpreting her purpose/ If it ain't about the money you can miss me/ holla at me when you hoes making up to 6 Gs/ and your snap chat ain't poppin' like that bitch/ only 6 k on instagram, wack bitch/ she let the views from the fame make her attitude/ worse than before, never humble with no gratitude/ jealousy from different chicks, messages from random dudes/ got her head bigger than a plane on different altitudes/ doesn't matter what a nigga really think about you/ and it doesn't matter if another chick'll doubt you/ deep down inside she was weak down inside/ and the only thing that's keeping her at peace is her pride/

Track Name: A Woman's Abyss

Woman's Abyss, it is deeper than a dark hole/
Pull up fast for the ass, making you park slow/
And they rolling wit it whenever the car roll/
Packing more ass than the cargo they call hoe/
And we ain't never thinking bout the feelings/
And when you in the pussy are you sinking or you swimming/
They loving the emotion we fall in love with the vision/
Replacing infatuation over love for the women/ listen

Verse 1
Im not a good guy, I've never been one/
with all the women I've had, I've never been dumb/
Most women that I have been with regret it/ but most women rather get battered than live sexless/ saw the souls of women leave after I hopped on/ even tho they body was hot after they top gone/ even tho it feels fire on the inside/ after that slick ride you seem to know they dying in the end God/ keep em' alive wit the views on they Snapchat/ trying to escape like a noose on a lab rat/ sorry thing is all the dudes that'll wax that/ even tho I'm smart I'm included in that trap/ at my most primitive when I'm in a chick/ feel the energy from her lips to her fingertips/ same place that a women wanna embellish/ exact same place where the man and woman develop/ if we really was royalty we would wanna protect it/ but a leader will cordially want a woman to sex wit/ we seeming disorderly when a woman is naked/ but a nigga will surely take a moment to bless it/ yes a, pussy more appealing than women and feelings/ but if its good enough, get the men in they feelings/ and the way women promote it like a wicked addiction/ and no matter what they say, ain't no better feeling when in it/ it's the


Verse 2
Only time I pay attention to a shorty eyes/
is if I'm grippin on the thighs as the shorty ride/ and what she seeing as she look into my eyes/ a gentleman who's hidden by a crook up in disguise/ I look up in the sky thinking woman isn't God/ and half the time woman only lonely cus of pride/ every lady I know got plenty of options/ instead of being honored they conceited and pompous/ and half the niggas I know, they treat em' as objects/ and women use em' til they have depleted they pockets/ in a vicious cycle where the sex is the medium/ we living in a world where they texting and meeting em'/ you don't really know the power of the moist/ send a couple nudes, and you prolly made a choice/ letting sex speak like vagina got a voice/ ass hold a conversation and yo body making noise/ but we don't focus on a higher vibration/ the physical experience that eye to eye making/ the trivial defenses that is right in our faces/ but men would rather focus on em' riding our faces/ the sweat drips when she gripping those sheets/ she only thinking bout the dick in those jeans/ I'm only thinking bout unzipping those things/ but how we gon' fuck when our spirits don't meet/ it's the

Track Name: Branded Emotions
Verse 1
As he walk outta the room, midnight after the noon/
never seen a sight like this ever since he popped out the womb/
It's a house fulla unfamiliar faces, with marijuana traces/ and tables that are full of liquor cases/ hearing words that his momma saying it is frequently/ Bitch, Hoe, Fuckin, but they saying it with energy/ know he not not dreaming see the vulgarity feeding he/ wanna be a part of the scene its steriotypically/ A black child that act wild ain't that foul/ that's how he was raised crazed, you see the facts now/ little kid roaming, the house around 6 in the morning/ he hear his momma in the crib moaning/ male company with niggas at the table rolling/ uncle had em' drinking something baby had em' floating/ other women half dressed, partying to have sex/ supposed to be a happy home but I ain't seen a dad yet/

They say a child reenacts what they witness/
It can determine if they wild or they gifted/
What they see what they hear they will listen/
And copy every action and even what you mention/
A family, a mom that's devoted/
A father with a plan that's in motion/
But instead our children stranded and hopeless/
And we can never change branded emotions/

Verse 2
My brain trying to process/ the scene that I just seen the mean, obscene objects/ the different color pills, the liquor and weed prospects/ and men who looking at em' who momma they seen topless/they know he destined for doom/ his momma knocked out as four niggas exit her room/ they laughing, saying words that he never heard/ like busto and runner but you know he better learn every term/ then I see his momma walk out/ kinda stumbling, unzipped pants and her hair wild/ she started mumbling, something like go to your room/ after seeing her like that he was ignoring her soon/ this happened night after night until the boy was immune/ to the shock woke up every morning going to school/ grew up fast even tho you know the momma was young/ learning from her niggas cus he was a fatherless son/ (the one)


They say I'm a child of my environment. More like a child of my desire men continue to come in and out while I see sins about, my only freinds are foul. Gluttony, greed and pride to obide by while they put they seeds aside, the reason why? They were raised the same way instead of being raised the great way. Seems like they were put down instead of being raised at all. And because of that we continue to see greatness fall/

Track Name: Game Face
Verse 1
My man Jack, he a Ace in his eye/
didn't go to the club, content with staying inside/
didn't rock diamonds on his chain or ring/
but tryna get a girls heart was his major thing/
he had plenty girls, but you know his main was Queen/
wasn't quick to spread legs, didn't bang with speed/
this is why Jack used to hold Queen so close/
since he was 21 he knew that she would mean the most/
to him in the future, he wrote her name in books/
2, 3 or 4 girls saw her name and booked/
5, 6 or 7 girls woulda came but bet/
they wanna catch the Queen reneging, they'll claim her set/
8, 9, or 10 girls had Jack in the past/
they miss holding his hand, he miss grabbing that ass/
but Queen had a body like no other braud/
so good that Jack through away his houre card/ like...

Hook 2x

When you playing the game you gotta know the rules/
Without a strong pimp hand you are sure to lose/
If you play your cards right you can take away/
any play, but you know you gotta keep a game face/

Verse 2
Now Queen was a true classy chick/
fuck a 10, she beyond that with ass and tits/ but if you include the face and the sassiness/ you might throw your hoes hand just to have this chick/ but the only big problem with Queen/ is that she goes to the club a lot just so she can party with King/
the big baller type dude with the diamonds on his chest/ spent time in solitary, now he back out in the flesh/ it was something about him that made the girls touch/
his joker type attitude made the girls blush/
he had the typa game face that made the girls hush/ like a sense of royalty, he would poke her, all lust/ he was like a psychic, he could call a girls bluff/ plus he had a strong hand, six pack and all buff/ all black and red wearing, no crip a pro blood/ if Jack knew what Queen was doing he'd go nuts/

Hook 2x

Verse 3
Queen had the best game face of all/
if she didn't win, wouldn't play the game wit yall/ kept a 4+5 and a 5th in her purse/
If she got your number nigga she would hit where it hurts/ she a tough chick, lived just to settle the score/ her son spade was the only man she settling for/ Jack was her main man but he wasn't the only/ she kept a Ace at the club to touch and fuck when she lonely/ Queen really didn't care if Jack and King went to war/ it's plenty gold fish in the sea and the shore/ she kept plenty men to shuffle but wouldn't cut/ but shortly after that, she loving a lil fuck/ one day Queen decides to slide to the club/ just to holla at King, buy some wine and get grub/ when she got to the club, she saw Jack in her seat/ only nigga that was dumb enough to battle the King/ I mean...

Hook 2x

Bridge 2x
You a Jack of all trades, keep a game face/
All my Queens in the place keep a game face/
All the Kings with the weight keep a game face/
Everybody getting paid, keep a game face/
Track Name: Hatred & Passion
Verse 1
Her nick name Julie, living on the other side of 8 mile/ been around blacks ever since she was a great child/ hate how she was still stereotyped/ as being soft, in her head she was barely white/ so deadly she might cut a bitch simply for fucking wit/ anything of hers, especially who her husband is/ big tall black son of a bitch/ every time he on the east, he would come with this chick/ she loving his grip, loving his hands, loving his lips/ but you know that most of all she was loving his dick/ all her white friends loved him and really wanted to fuck him/ but they knew Julie would kill em' even if they tried to touch him/ he was a dealer, the perfect one to hook her up/ with anyway uncontrollable substance that he was cooking up/ he got her high in more ways than one/ and she the only chick the nigga had a baby from/ ain't no


Hatred, Passion, never know the outcome/
But you can't live with em' or without one/
In a world where they list the youth a vicious crew/ it only ends up leading to/ some more
Hatred, Passion, never know the outcome/
But you can't live with em' or without one/
too much passion can lead to hated/ if it ain't no love as a means to save it/ just

Verse 2
Shorty, living on the ghetto side of 7 mile/ westside, everybody know that over there its wild/ hate it how she was still stereotyped/ as being a hoe, but in her head she barely the type/ in her world, casual sex was casual sex/ but exposing her little man was the actual threat/ even tho she had one nigga that she really cared for/ straight up out the joint, luckily he ain't on death row/ yes hoe, made sure that she gave him the best throat/ neck slow, fine motherfucka with the best stroke/ let's go, to the next level she would ask him/ he would keep spinning her but giving her the passion/ it ain't ever lasting but that was her goal/ but to him, shorty just another fantasy hoe/ she was getting pissed off from her lack of control/ only saw her on the days when the traffic was slow/ but no


Verse 3
Danny, grew up on the roughest side of Detroit/ westside, eastside, selling outta Eastpointe/ did time, something that the nigga never speak about/ best way to mind your business is to keep em' out/ had a baby mami on the eastside, Julie-etah and every now and then she gripped the sweet ride/ went to the west in the BM, the side chick peeped the ride but she didn't see him/ so she followed, the whole time loading up the hollows/ Julie like this car follow me where ever I go/ so she pulled over to confront the chick/ Shory like you know Danny cus I sucked his dick/ they start scrapping, shortly after that they start clapping/ whole time Danny on the east, boys bagging/ by the time Danny knew what was going on/ it was holes in his car next to his baby mom/ like

Hook 2x
Track Name: King's House
Bridge 2x
Ain't no need to load up, if you ain't gon' pull out/ cus I got enough heat when I put em' on the grill I'm bout to have a cook out/

Verse 1
Look at what this bitch did, motherfucka killed my bm/ I don't give a fuck about jail tell Satan Ima greet him when I see him/ already had to plug a nigga at the club earlier this fuckin weekend/ chilling with the same bitch who killed my bitch and we was listening to Weekend/ fucked up how the week ends/ but now I'm on my way to the westside/ mack on my right 45 on my left thigh/ got about 3 guys rolling in a GM/ looking for the bitch who pulled the trigger on my BM/ then the bitch text me sounding kinda paranoid/ said she at the liquor store on Davison and Livernois/ now we at the lodge and we going bout 90/ swerving through traffic and I'm thinking bout wifey/ finally about to reach her destination/ told my niggas don't buss yet, let's be patient/ pullin in a parking lot her whip's adjacent/ I knew she was around cus I could smell her fragrance/ came out the store, and she holding her kid hand/ said meet mommy at the car big man/ told me let's talk about yo little chick aaaand/ a nigga snapped and a bullet hit the chick damn/ tried to pull her shit, I pulled mine/ my niggas in the car and they pulled they 2 nines/ everybody scattering but ain't nobody panicking/ left her on the floor, body dead as a manican/ hopped in the car, told my niggas let's pill off/ nigga said King shoulda knocked the fuckin kid off/ told the nigga we don't kill kids where I come from/ but give a fuck about a bitch, I'm the wrong one/ 4 miles and a nigga heard sirens/ pulled in a alley til a nigga heard silence/ dropped the guns off and I wiped the prints/ But the cops know me cus I provide for them/ went back to the spot like ain't shit happen/ just another murder in a city bout action/ everyday a motherfucka bound to get blasted/ fucking up the future and I'm part of that damage/ everything her kid saw fucking him up/ from the momma death to the men fucking the slut/ aint no beef with the daddy cus I'm tougher than cuz/ so now he living with his granny wit no love or no trust/
Track Name: I Got Nothing Left
When everything up in this world can tear you down, man this world can wear you out and so I shout (feel like I got nothing left)

Taking everything that is within' me not to snap, granny telling me chill relax I'm grabbin the strap (feel like I got nothing left)

All I ever seen in this world was violent stress. People who high about to have sex, so tell me what's next (feel like I got nothing left)

When everything up in this world can tear you down, man this world can wear you out and so I shout (feel like I got nothing left)

Verse 1

I'm living with granny now, next to an abandoned house/ you seeing the product of innocent youth I'm a motherless, manless child/ you see me in school it is only because my my granny demand it now/ but when I'm in school you know that I got just a few things that I'm handing out/ a little bit of weed, a little bit of x, or you can get xans or percs or pow/ and when I'm in a need, I get it from connect/ he show me the life and I plan it out/ never I think I would go this route, but really it seem Ima force it how/ by being a nigga who's really as reckless as any younger or older child/ just gimmie a reason to live any different and nigga I'll really consider it/ but anything in this world that is positive seems like its really considered mysterious/ when I was young I wanted to be an astronaut or work for Nasa not/ be on the block and trying to sell this hash and rocks/ dont ask for cops, cause when my mother had died, they kept riding pass the block/ I'm barely 12 and hearing the shells, I'm sick and my mother was passing out/ so what the fuck you think that did to me, a terrible scene to see/ and if I ever see king I'm giving him heat, remember me/


Verse 2
Tell me one reason I get high just to get by/
In my world its like fuck the world, I on't fuck with girls, tell a bitch bye/ unless she sucking my dick right, and she letting me hit right/ if I'm picking her up and then she don't fuck I'm making her hitch hike/ they call me a savage, no fucking wit spade I'm a total package/ I'm selling and doing my drugs and I'm fucking these hoes and I'm bringing the baggage/ and plus my nigga he bringing me weapons like I got a personal blacksmith/ but never would buss the gun, the sight of em' making me think I am tragic/ my granny knew that I could be saved despite the way I was raised/ so now I'm thinking bout getting a job, I'm ditching the way I was paid/ she introduced me to the Lord, and now I'm thinking I'm saved/ and I'm becoming less of a savage every day I would age/ so what is the next step, I'm feeling like I could just die on my next breath/ I'm going to church and I'm hearing the word and I'm wondering when Ima face death/ shit ain't working, my granny can tell I'm a different person/ And Ima have nightmares, whenever those fucking visions surface/

Track Name: The Symptoms
So they put me on everything 7x

Verse 1
Seems like my back hurt, can’t get back to work I’m moving backwards/
wishing I could log outta life and forget the passwords/
something musta got strained or I musta hit a bad nerve/
never dealt with much pain, and I never been a actor/
this the typa pain that you can’t take/
tired of taking Tylonol, Advil, and Moltrin to get the pain straight/
tryna feel better and hoping it is the next day/
tired of missing work, wishing I could get some stress pay/
I’ve dealt with migraines and I worked through all the headaches/
but this the typa pain most of the medicine don’t set straight/
I guess I’ll go to emergency see what they say/
and use my insurance to get healthy 'fore the day breaks/ they tried to tell me I was stressing from depression/ and I could use a therapeutic lecture from Rebecca/ she said the pain was coming from a traumatizing childhood/ and that my brain wasn't activating like a child should/


So they put me on everything 4x

Lexapro, Zoloft (so they put me on everything)
Paxil, Pexeva (so they put me on everything)
Prozac, Sarafem (so they put me on everything)
Now I'm feeling better when they (put me on everything)

Verse 2

But all my prayers missing me/
still behind on DTE, and struggling to get my kids some shit to eat/
working hard, 9 to 9, 12 hour shifts at work/
and Jesus he ain’t pleasing us, it seems like his gift is a curse/
pay my 10 percent at church and hoping that I see some perks/
within' the congregation that is where most of the evil lurks/
preacher say believe the word but get plenty of cheese to work/
and women showing up in sleezy skirts like they tease and twerk/
I need to search the meaning of Jesus by leaving earth/
and also hope the evil of heathens away from seeking hurt/
never seen a reason deceiving the people in the church/
but we can keep defeating demons leave em' pleading in the dirt/
they tried to tell me I was stressing from depression/ and I could use a therapeutic lecture from Rebecca/ she said the pain was coming from a traumatizing childhood/ and that my brain wasn't activating like a child should/


Couldn't get a job (so they put me on everything)

Couldn't get a wife (so they put me on everything)

Couldn't have a child (so they put me on everything)

Couldn't get a life (so they put me on everything)

Couldn't get me drunk (so they put me on everything)

Couldn't get a buzz (so they put me on everything)

Couldn't get the drugs (so they put me on everything)

My Doctor is the plug (so they put me on everything)
Track Name: How Much Your Body Cost
Verse 1
She was raised in a home with a silver spoon/ enough clothes that you couldn't fit in 2 living rooms/ witch typa attitude like she had a living broom/ many type of male friends, whites and the niggas too/ perfect type of female to come up on the radar/ shine so bright it'll nullify a quasar/ money to be made, plenty money to be made/ and suddenly her presence it is coming up erased/ now her physical body is on the black market/ and its wealthy men bidding for the queen, black card it/ first they get em' sedated and then they get em' in cages/ the sickest system for ages the missing women erases/ the present system is crazy and every victim a lady/ thats lately been exotic or black for bigger payments/ average age 13 to 16 to get cream/ the family will lose their little girl to this sick dream/

No one care about your innocence bitch/
This is America, the purpose for the men to get rich/
It's the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave/
Like stand on your feet or get owned like a slave/
Shit anything is up for sale for people vices/
Drugs, guns, poison and girls for many prices/
Land of defeat and the home of the fake/
Try to raise your kids, they ain't coming home anyway/

Rather war or human trafficking crime/ tell them lil' kids shut the fuck up, get back in line/ and when its time to bid, bat your eye, fix your lips/ and act like you wanna live life with the filthy rich/ first girl auctioned, get a quick 35/ take everything she got and send her on that early ride/ next girl step up, get a quick 48/ cus she wear glasses and that fucker like a nerdy face/ next girl step up, black and indian and/ body like a 20 year old through any vision/ bid start off, old man threw the 50 Gs/ but he cut short for the 60 so he in the lead/ but the winner see he gotta be with this invented seed/ so he bid one hundred and 50 for the nigger queen/ the black girls and the foreigners are worth more/ that's why they getting targeted to deport her/


Bridge 2x
Another family and broken home/ enough missing girls you can fill the georgia dome/
No freedom, they picking where this girl is going/ wanna travel but, it's a wicked world to roam/ cmon'

Peace to all the families that have lost any children in this cycle of madness. My anger comes out through the music. Fuck this system!